Instructions for use

The DigiTrainer user manual is currently being prepared, thank you for your understanding.


DigiTrainer enables a trainee to give systematic and structured feedback to the person supporting them, in order to enable the latter to improve their support. The trainee thus indirectly trains their trainer to become aware of their own postures and their support skills when working with them.

DigiTrainer offers several tools. Firstly, there are three questionnaires: the first reveals the coach's supporting postures, the second highlights the supporting methods they use in practice, and the last facilitates the identification of the trainee's needs. During their training, the trainee and the trainer periodically answer the different questionnaires. The platform sends them different profiles which they can share with each other. It is possible to compare results which encourages reflection on: the support provided; additional practices; and, how the trainee can be better supported, and helps to widen the range of practices and to adjust to the needs of the trainees.

A discussion analysis tool completes the information collected by the questionnaires and allows for an even more detailed analysis of the exchanges between the trainee and the trainer. This fourth analysis tool allows interview recordings to be uploaded, which, based on an automatic transcription of the exchanges, can identify the speech duration of each actor, the succession of verbal interactions and the key elements of the language chosen by each user (action verbs, typical questions, follow-up questions, types of feedback, etc.).

Data sharing

Data sharing between different users is strictly monitored and managed from the trainer's account.


To register and create an account, the trainer must send a request to [email protected] and fill in the form provided.

Have fun with DigiTrainer.