Terms and conditions of use

Terms and conditions of use

By accepting the terms and conditions of use, you agree to comply with all the points mentioned in this document.

Institutional basis

DigiTrainer was developed within the framework of the SPARK programme of the Swiss National Science Foundation and co-financed by the University of Fribourg and the High Pedagogical School of Fribourg (Switzerland). Any reference to the software in development or scientific work should be made as follows: Coen, P.-F. and Runtz-Christan, E. (2020). DigiTrainer (vs 1) [WEB platform]. University of Freiburg. https://www.digitrainer.app/

The development and use of the data produced by the DigiTrainer software as well as any modification of its content is subject to the exclusive control of both authors of this platform.


The services offered by DigiTrainer allow the collection of data related to coaching processes carried out by trainees and trainers appointed by training institutions. The aim of the platform is to provide professional support to trainers and to improve the quality of their work by processing data from questionnaires and training interviews. This data targets the postures and methods of support as well as the interactions produced during interviews.  Following the analysis, this data is returned in various forms to the trainer and the trainee (their own data only) to raise awareness of their coaching practices. The use of DigiTrainer is free of charge but registration is subject to the control of the authors.

Target audience

The DigiTrainer tool is aimed at anyone working in the field of education and training, particularly where there is an alternation between the working environment and an education institution. No age limit has been set.


Each user is expected to use the tool with common sense. In particular, the software is intended to be a positive tool to help improve professional support. It does not aim to evaluate the quality or the performance of a trainer, but only to give them the opportunity, within the framework given by the educational institution, to review their performance in order to improve it. Appropriate language should be used in the tool and the tool’s administrators should not be abused.

Personal data and anonymisation

Personal data will only be used for the specific purpose of this software. It will never be transmitted to third parties or sold for advertising purposes.

In order to guarantee data control, the trainers may or may not share their data with the trainee. The combination of one or more trainees with a trainer should remain under the control of the trainer. Persons registering will not provide any personal data with the exception of a login and an email address.

The creation of an account will be confirmed by the authors of this platform. Registered persons will be informed that the required data for the analyses are being collected.

The data can be exported, but only by the users, for their own data or that of the people they accompanied.

Right to be forgotten

Users can claim their right to be forgotten. To do so, they must submit a written request (see contact address in the application) to one of the two authors who will permanently delete the account as well as all their stored data.


DigiTrainer is a cost-free service and does not guarantee that the service will be available at all times or that the data will be preserved, despite the reasonable efforts of the authors. In the event of a malicious attack, users will be informed as soon as possible.


If the user no longer wishes to accept the terms and conditions, they may withdraw their consent at any time. To do so, they must contact either of the two authors (see contact address in the application).

Such revocation will result in the loss of access to all services offered by the DigiTrainer application.

Violation of the terms and conditions

In the event that a user fails to comply with the terms and conditions, DigiTrainer reserves the right to block or delete their account.

Terms and conditions updates

For data protection reasons and in order to provide the best possible service, DigiTrainer has the right to change these terms and conditions. Users will be notified of any changes and may accept or decline them.


For further information about the terms and conditions of use, you can contact either of the two authors (see contact address in the application).